Presidency Pro-Témpore

The Presidency Pro-Témpore (PPT) is designated by consensus of the Member Countries during the Vice-Ministerial Meeting. Countries interested in chairing the Conference must inform of this during the Planary Meeting at least one year before. The PPT is currently held by the Government of Guatemala.

Among its main functions are the following:

  1. To facilitate the co-ordination of the meetings of the Regional Conference on Migration (RCM) and the Regional Consultation Group on Migration (RCGM).
  2. To convene the meetings of the RCM and send the corresponding invitations through the Technical Secretariat.
  3. To take on the coordination and general management of the meetings and activities of the RCM held during its chair.
  4. To assume the coordination of the meetings and activities of the RCGM and the two Liaison Officer Networks established within the RCM: the Liaison Officers Network to Combat Migrant Smuggling and Trafficking in Persons and the Liaison Officers Network for Consular Protection.
  5. To ask Member Contries to designate delegates for the Drafting Committee at the begining of each meeting. It chairs the Drafting Committees of the Networks, the RCGM and the RCM. The following documents must be produced: the Report of each Network, the Conclusions of the RCGM, the Recomendations for the Vice-Ministers, and a draft of the Declaration and Decisions, according to the agreements reached during the Plenary Meetings of the RCM.
  6. To identify, under consultation with Member Countries, the high-priority activities of the Plan of Action that are pending or require funding to be carried out.
  7. To take on the expenses related to organizing the Meetings of the Vice-Ministers and the RCGM.
  8. To assume som responsibilities regarding the administration of the Fund for the Return of Migrants in Highly Vulnerable Situations

Theme of the Guatemala PPT: Relaunching of the Regional Conference on Migration as a consultative process in the face of current migration dynamics.


The RCM is the forum in which reflection, analysis and discussion of migratory dynamics must take place, generating strategic actions to optimize migration management including assistance, attention and protection of migration flows, which will allow actions prior and during migration crises that may affect the region.

Current migration dynamics represent challenges not only for the region but also worldwide.

The RCM must become the "Regional Forum" of dialogue and advocacy to address the migration  dynamic under a shared responsibility approach and in an comprehensive manner.

In 2018 a negotiation process was initiated for the relaunching of the RCM. Guatemala, taking into consideration that this is a multilateral forum that addresses the complex migratory reality and that it is intended to play a vital role as a consultative process in the region, considered choosing this theme for its Presidency, which should be a gradual process that allows defining comprehensive and sustainable strategies in migration topics.