Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat (TS) was firstly conceived with the name of Technical Support Unit (TSU), which would perform the tasks requested to IOM to assume, formally, as the technical and secretarial support provider of the RCM. From this request, in March 2001, the IOM set the TSU to meet the needs of the Presidency Pro-Témpore specifically and of the RCM in general. The following year, during the VII Regional Conference on Migration held in Antigua, Guatemala, was designated by the name of the Technical Secretariat of the RCM. Since its creation, it has the technical cooperation and administrative support of IOM and the funding from member countries. One of the fundamental tasks of the TS is to assist the Presidency Pro-Témpore in the organization and monitoring of activities and initiatives of the Conference.

Moreover, the TS receives general guidelines and supervision of the country holding the Presidency Pro-Témpore of the RCM, in order to keep track of the mandates and guidelines emanating from each meeting. In addition, it is responsible for assisting the PPT in the management of the RCM, including coordination of meetings and exchange of information. The TS is composed by a Coordinator, an Information Technology Specialist and an Assistant. It has an annual budget approved at a Vice-Ministerial level, which is covered by contributions from member countries based on a predefined scale of contributions. It works as an autonomous unit within the IOM Regional Office for Central America and Mexico, located in San Jose, Costa Rica. IOM also provides physical space, facilities for resource management, purchases and other technical support.

The TS should coordinate with focal points of each country to cooperate with the Presidency Pro-Témpore in the overall coordination of the Conference, including aspects of logistics for events.

The team of the TS is composed by:


       Luis Alonso Serrano
       Technical Secretariat of the Regional Conference on Migration
       Tel: (506) 2212-5326
       Cel: (506) 8851-1009

       Renán Rodas
       IT Specialist
       Technical Secretariat of the Regional Conference on Migration
       Tel: (506) 2212-5334
       Cel: (506) 7118-5097

       Maribel Muñoz
       Technical Project Asistant
       Technical Secretariat of the Regional Conference on Migration
       Tel: (506) 2212-5327
       Cel: (506) 7118-7015
                             Skype: maribel.munoz